Our Pets

CC Dog


CC is a full blooded Chocolate Lab belonging to Dr. Wheat. She is the favorite of all the Wheat children and is spoiled rotten. She visits the clinic daily with Dr. Wheat and hangs outside the door to the patient rooms until he exits the room. CC believes herself to be the “human whisperer” by giving mesmerizing sweet eyes, and the humans immediately know she wants a treat.


Mama Cat

Mama Cat came to live at Animal Care Center in 2021. Before this she belonged to Dr. Wheat’s mother, Mrs. Athlea. Since her move to the clinic, she has made the business office “her” business office. She can be found lying on the keyboards, hiding in the business shelves behind binders, and sitting in the office chair. Sometimes she lets our practice manager in and allows her to work at “her” desk. She is very fond of love and cuddles and will even sometimes swat you when you stop petting her.


Rocco was an English Mastiff, weighing in at a whopping 160 pounds. He lived in Tickfaw with his daddy, mommy (our very own Candice), and his siblings. Although he resembled a small horse, he did not wear a saddle or give pony rides.

Rocco believed himself to be a lap dog, enjoyed chasing four wheelers, swimming in the pond, playing with his siblings, was allergic to life itself, and was truly fond of kittens.

He gracefully gave blood to save other dog’s lives and enjoyed coming to work with his mommy to help greet clients when they enter the clinic.

10.8.10 – 07.6.22



Maddie was adopted by Animal Care Center when she was a kitten. She lived her whole 21 years of life at the clinic, surrounded by people who loved her. She enjoyed eating unattended food, knocking things off of the counter, and afternoon walks around the clinic. She had a friendly disposition and enjoyed being around people, which is why she tended to end up in the lobby on top of our receptionist’s desks.